Thursday morning

Well a really early start this morning the dogs woke me at 4 barking which is unlike them especially Basso so I think we had an intruder in the garden probably of the foxy kind.  Anyway, the perimeter has been secured and they are now back in bed asleep but I am left wide awake and at a loose end.

Yesterday I went shooting in the morning and shot really badly, my only excuse is that I was frozen to the marrow which certainly didn't help.  I was hoping to have a nice photo of the trophy I won on Sunday but no such luck they had forgotten to bring the trophies to the shooting ground so I will have to pick it up next time.

We made the decision last evening to go ahead with the solar panel idea as it looks pretty cast iron as an investment with a return of approximately 9% pa tax free on our investment which in this financial climate is pretty good, however, it does require a considerable initial capital out lay. It is index linked so we should be shielded from inflation.    The money doesn't become available until mid November so we have a while to wait until it will be installed and because of our situation we will require scaffolding for the work to be done.  However, I am looking forward to not paying for my electricity and making some profit from the excess generated which should cover the cost of our gas consumption.  Obviously winter is not the best time to generate electricity from sun light but we should start to see a better return come the summer.  One good thing is that once up and running there is nothing to do except read the meters and rejoice and they are covered by a 20 year warranty.  Anyway, I will keep you posted on the situation so you can make an informed decision as to whether it is a good idea or not.

Anne what exciting news about your meal out please do give us a full report on your experience as I would be fascinated to hear how it went and what you had to eat.  We are destined to go out for a pub lunch today with our friends but it will be very down market by comparison.

More good news is that the new coffee machine is due to be installed on Wednesday next week so we will be back up and running and off the instant.  I am hoping that I will not require a degree in aeronautical engineering and a pilots licence to operate it.

We had a late night last night and I was shattered so I am afraid to say left the kitchen in uproar so that is my first job for the day.  The temperature here is down to 10 degrees so it on with the winter weight cloths as I don't intend to freeze again today.
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