Thursday morning

Yesterday was a good day the weather was warm but dull however it was dry which was nice.  Henry and Angela had to leave as they had commitments in Bristol for today.  It was decided that the best time to leave would be around 12 which should get them home before the rush hour so we had a full English breakfast at around 11 with lots of toast and marmalade and coffee. We then divided up the spoils so they could take them home.  As my hens had been laying well there was a dozen eggs, I had also run up some lemon curd so there was also a jar of that to go with the Parma ham, pigeon pate, the last of the bullace gin,  a jar of wild damson jam and a head of my home grown garlic.  It is nice to manage to get rid of some of the stuff as lots of it Mike and I don't really eat.  Once they had left I had a bit of a clear up in the kitchen and then piled into bed for a rest.  For supper we had a bowl of soup which was made from all the trimmings and bits and pieces left from the last few days which included a chicken carcass and the rib bones from the belly of pork so as you can imagine it was pretty sumptuous.
Today I am going shooting with Jeff which will be a welcome diversion because no matter how relaxed the visitors are you are always slightly on edge and permanently on duty so to speak making sure everyone has what they need.  Then over the week end I will get everything sorted out and the laundry done.  I also need to get out into the garden and plant my garlic and onions if I am to have a good crop next year.  According to the forecast the weekend looks like good weather and should be ideal.

I bought myself a book on how to train a "pet" gun dog which recognises the fact that it is so much more difficult than training a kennelled dog and if you really want to make thing even more difficult have other dogs as well.  It made me feel much better to read this and also quite proud that I have achieved as much as I have with Basso.  It has felt like pretty hard work at times but perseverance and consistency are the order of the day.
The photo is one I took through the window, of a red admiral sitting on the verbena bonariensis.  I tried to get outside to take a better shot but the minute I moved the butterfly was gone........
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