Thursday and warmer

So far so good, it is dry and relatively warm so shooting today should be fine.  Yesterday, I made a shepherds pie and was surprised how long it took by the time I had diced and sweated all the vegetables boned and minced the meat, made stock with the bones, peeled boiled and mashed the potatoes then finally assembled the whole thing I seem to have dirtied every utensil and pot in the kitchen.  Mike was delighted as I also made him a bread and butter pudding which is one of his favourites.  What is it about men and nursery puddings!!!!  Anyway the shepherds pie will make a good shooting lunch today and though it was designed for 4 we will only be 3 but I am sure we will manage some how.  Poor Shiona has a dental abscess so she is going to stay at home in the warm and take her antibiotics.  Getting a slap in the face from the gun stock is not to be recommended and you can bet it would happen today.  So it will be just Jeff and myself shooting which does make for a quicker round.

Just when I don't want to spend any money my dishwasher has decided to play up  and the soap dispenser will not close which means the soap gets washed away in the initial rinse.  The dilemma is whether to call out an engineer to fix it or would it cost almost as much to buy a new one!!!!  I must admit that of all the domestic appliances it is probably the one that would go first.  I think I do more than 50% of the washing up by hand anyway.  If I have to wash all of it for a while it is no big deal.

Last evening we had an omelet for supper with the remains of the bread and butter pudding for desert - I made the omelet correctly with absolutely no colour and what a difference it made.  Mike was in raptures over it so I guess I will not get away with the usual quick fry method in future.  The flavour was more like scrambled egg and I must admit it was very nice.  I only made them because I had done the lesson on the cookery course and wanted to have a try.  I must admit that I have learned a lot and am trying to do several lessons each day while my free trial lasts.  My next move is to sharpen all my knives on a wet stone - the lesson for this is very clear and I feel I could have a go and possibly get it right.  I really do hate blunt knives they make so much more work.

It is a bit early to get the hoover out so I think I will get the ironing done first at least that doesn't disturb anyone and after yesterdays cook up the kitchen floor needs a good wash.  I was looking for a winter weight jacket in one of the many catalogues that come through the door - I don't intend to freeze shooting as  I did on Sunday- anyway I selected a jacket which would  meet my needs then checked the price £299 guess what, I will not be having one of those.  Everything shooting related is at least double the normal price.  The only criteria is that I can move my arms easily and that it has big pockets to hold cartridges.  I think I will have to start looking elsewhere!!!!

Have a good day all

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