Thursday and down to 3 degrees

Well there it is all installed and working you may just be able to see water coming through the spouts as it rinses itself prior to making me a beautiful cup of coffee which I am now drinking.  The machine also comes with an insulated jug so that you can make up to 6 cups at a time which is so much easier for entertaining.  As yet I haven't put it through all its paces but so far so good.  We used to have the previous machine on a time clock but this one heats very fast and switches itself off if you don't use it.  All the controls are the touch screen type and are very sensitive so it really is very easy to use.
While the house was in uproar the fish monger rang to say he had a hare and would I like it delivered - well what could I say - that is now stripped of the meat and the carcass boiled for stock.  I think I will either make a ragu for pasta or some pate out of it but at some other time as I still have the meat pies to make and I am off shooting this morning.
Now here is an interesting bit of information the company I used for the fitting of the machine is about half a mile away which as it turned out was a very useful thing.  Firstly they sent one fitter to remove the old machine, well it was very heavy and he soon realised that he needed a buddy to help him.  Once the old machine was out they started to put the new one in but I spotted that they had omitted the draw under the machine so one of them had to run back and fetch it.  No major hiccup but it could have been disastrous if the company was in south Wales.  As it turned out the second fitter recognised Basso and I as he too shoots at one of the same clubs as me.  It is a small world and you never know who you are going to bump into.  The last time I went shooting I bumped into my plumber so it was a good opportunity to berate him about my boiler service.
I had prepared some stuffed squid tubes for lunch so it was just a matter of putting them in the oven for 45 minutes but by the time the dishes were cleared I was in a state of terminal decline and took to my bed absolutely shattered.  You would have thought that I would have slept like the dead, but no, I was over tired and couldn't sleep.  Neither of us felt much like supper so we just had some scramble eggs on toast and called it quits.  I woke at 3 this morning but fortunately managed to get back to sleep until 5.30 which is a bit more respectable.
It is extremely cold this morning thought there is no frost so I think I may break out the long Johns for shooting - several years ago I purchased some lovely silk long Johns which are fine enough to wear under any trousers and are remarkably warm.  My cup is empty time to go and hit a few buttons for more coffee.  I am a very happy bunny: I didn't realise just how much I would miss my machine until it broke.
Have a good day all and if you need an espresso, latte, cappuccino or any other caffeine fix you know where to come!!!!!

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