Don't for get the clocks go back one hour - my body didn't realise so I am up at 3.30 not 4.30.  I find this a total pain as it is my job to go round and change all the clocks.  There are some like the computer and the radio operated clocks which make the change themselves but stupid things like the oven, microwave, washing machine and car don't bother.  Then there are the things you forget like the camera and telephone handsets.  I heard on the news that they are going to try doing away with this time change and get in line with Europe which would apparently be good for business.  One wonders how the Americans cope with their time differences!!!  I for one would like to stick to GMT and have done with it - it is the changing that is the problem.  Right that is my first moan of the day over with.

Now on a more mundane level yesterday started well with lots of bright sunshine so dog walking was an early task.  I took them to some woods near Elaine's house so she and her little boy could accompany us.  It was nice to have someone to chat to and made the walk much more pleasant as it does get boring on my own.  That done it was on with the house hold chores and lunch which was the wonderful fresh trout and a salad made from the radicchio along with some gnocchi which I roasted into fairy roast potatoes.  Then the weather changed and the heavens opened and it rained on and off all afternoon and evening.  I busied myself with sorting out the pumpkin which will eventually be a pumpkin pie  - Stage one is now complete I have pumpkin purée which I may freeze until I decide what to do with it - the recipe I have for pumpkin pie requires a tin of condensed milk so I think it will be horribly sweet but I will have a search on the internet for a more acceptable recipe.  When it came to supper time I was going to make omelets but we were both hungry so we ended up with a takeaway which was less than good but filling.

Second moan, we have some money invested with a company of financial advisors and have just received the annual statement.  We have paid more for their services than we made in interest, what services? you might well ask - none that I can see - they have done nothing.  Guess what, they are about to loose the business I am going to take over the money and invest it and shuffle it around to get the best interest I can rather than dump it and wait and hope which is their method.  I feel I can do no worse than they have and at least I don't charge for my services.  Finance is not a subject I know much about but I think I am about to learn.

Now on to the plan of campaign for today - lunch is to be a pheasant which I will brine with cider before cooking in the hope of adding some moisture to what can be a very dry meat.  We will have it roast with some apples and served with mash and Russian kale.  I will let you know if the brining trick is beneficial.
I also have a pressing chore which is to sort out the cupboard under the stairs and I think today might just be the day for that.  Tomorrow being the first of the month I have the dogs ears to powder and the meter readings to send off.  By this time next month I will also be sending my generation readings isn't that exciting.

Now a word of condolence for Anne - colds are really miserable things and make you feel so rotten - my advise is to treat yourself as you would treat me if you had charge of looking after me.  Lots to drink - snuggle up nice and warm with a big box of tissues and watch garbage on the TV.  Take whatever cold remedies you favour, there are no prizes for heroes or should that be heroines.....If you have the strength make a big pot of chicken soup which will keep you going for days.....Or better still get someone to make it for you!!!!!  what a pity you can't send soup via the internet!!! anyway be kind to yourself and get better soon.  The old adage holds true that a treated cold take two weeks to clear and an untreated one take a fortnight.....

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