Sunday morning

"Hare today and gone tomorrow" pate  
This is the pate that we made yesterday afternoon and as it turned out there was about a quarter more meat left over so Shiona took that home to put in her jars and her oven.  I think 6 jars is enough for anyone unless you are intending to open a shop!!!  To add a bit of sweetness we put a few prunes which had been softened in red wine. It also has brandy and Marsala in it and shed loads of garlic.  The spicing is with thyme  juniper and sage.  We fried a little off to check the seasoning and it seems to be fine but we wont know for certain until we open a jar.  I think I now need to make some nice labels for the jars - would you be pleased to get a jar for Christmas?  This was my original idea but Mike is saying that I mustn't give it away but we will see who prevails. Don't waste your money betting who will win......
The sky is looking pretty clear from what I can see as the sun rises so it looks like shooting will be on today which only gives me an hour before we are due to leave.  The temperature is a positively balmy 5 degrees so I think the long Johns will be unnecessary this morning.  Well time is running short so I will bid you all good day have a nice one.........

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