Sunday morning

Even though this is bit sad and pathetic here is the trophy that I won.  It does however encourage me to do better!!!
Yesterday was a day of two halves I spent the early morning in the kitchen dismantling the rabbits and making stock with the bits and bones.  The livers I made into a parfait which was rather delicious and formed part of lunch along with the remaining mussel soup and some good crusty bread.  I seem to use just about every utensil in the kitchen so a mega wash up before breakfast was in order.  Then it was off out to hunt down a mobile phone replacement which proved relatively easy as I didn't require any fancy stuff as I have the iPad for that.  All I required was a phone that made and received calls and had a camera in case of a car accident.  Having accomplished that task it was off to the gunsmith for some bullets - when you buy them they kindly put them in the car for you but you only realise how heavy they are when you have to unpack the car at home.  2000 cartridges is 8 boxes and one at time is heavy enough for me....  That done it was on to the shooting ground to pick up the trophies then home for lunch which we were well ready for.
After a nice siesta it was back to the kitchen and picking over the rabbit bones so the dogs could have the meat for supper and there is enough for breakfast this morning.  Then on to preparing the pheasant breasts which I wrapped in smoky bacon and pan fried then added white wine cream and mushrooms and a good portion of broccoli to accompany it all.  Dessert was fresh fruit - some very nice satsumas which are bright green but very ripe.  Then it was time to settle down and watch Merlin and casualty while doing the crossword puzzle.  Not very high brow but good chewing gum for the eyes.....
Today it is on to stage 2 of the rabbit pies. First fry the onions, then the rabbit, then cook in the stock for an hour adding extra vegetables towards the end.  The gravy is then drained off reduced and thickened and also cooled - finally the pastry is made and the pies assembled then off to the freezer to be enjoyed at a later date.  I think 2 may find themselves in the oven for lunch today.  It is a lot of work but then again a lot of good things are and in my book they are worth it.  I haven't even thought of supper tonight so it will be something simple like boiled eggs and toasty soldiers.......  If I have the time the dogs could use a good run so I had better get on and make a start have a good day all......

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