Sunday morning

Here is the product of yesterdays trip to fetch some free pigeons!!!  There were thirteen in all, which are now all dismantled and in the freezer.  On the way back we stopped off at the wonderful food emporium in Faversham and bought the coffee we needed and as I was wandering around I noticed they had wood pigeon for sale at £5.40 per brace.  I was stunned at the price but suddenly realised that had I bought the birds there it would have cost me £62+ so all in all quite a saving!!!!  We then dropped by the butcher where I bought a chunk of belly of pork which will make a decent terrine with the pigeons.  Then it was off for a walk with the dogs and home to cook the chicken for lunch.  While the chicken was cooking I dressed the birds which only took me about 3/4 hour so not a very labour intensive job.  However by the time I had cleared up the lunch things I was shattered and it was off to bed for a snooze.  There was plenty of left over chicken for supper and still enough for lunch today then the carcass can go in the pot and make some stock.
The evening was filled with shocks first one of my friends phoned me to tell me her husband had been diagnosed with a brain tumour.  As it transpired it is a benign pituitary tumour which should lend itself to surgery but thank goodness she sent him to the optician when she did or things could have become much worse.  As if that were not enough my other friend rang to say that her husband was suffering from rectal bleeding and had been for a couple of weeks so I advised her to get him to a doctor soon.  Lets hope it is nothing serious!!!!but it will need to be investigated.  I am almost afraid to pick up the phone now!!!!
Today the weather seem nice and bright which minimal cloud in the sky but not doubt we are due for another dousing this afternoon.  The temperature is very mild so walking with the dogs is really pleasant not too hot, not too cold, just right.  Mike and I continue to make progress on the coughing front so hopefully we have turned a corner and are truly on the mend.  I must admit to feeling much better in myself despite the odd paroxysm.
Well have a nice day and enjoy the sunshine if you have some.......

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