Saturday morning

I am not normally prone to photographing my vegetables but this radicchio has to be as stunning as any flower.  Sadly it is not one I have grown myself but it came in my vegetable box.

Yesterday the weather was reasonable so the dogs got taken for a good blast of fresh air down at the estuary where they also had a good session paddling and getting filthy.  Fortunately as they dry so their coats seem to shed the dirt: I guess most of it must end up on the carpet but not so as you would notice.  We stopped off at the fish monger where I took delivery of 2 x 4lb trout caught over night at Bewl water the local reservoir.  They had been filleted so all I had to do was pin bone them and divide them up into sensible portions.  The result was 12 good sized portions and 4 tail end pieces which we will have for lunch today.  I also bought a handful of shell on prawns to decorate my lunch of sea food risotto - I have kept the shells for making some seafood stock so they got put back into the freezer much to the dogs disgust as they were of the opinion that they should have had them for lunch.

I hope that I have found someone to mend the dish washer and hopefully it should be done early next week.  We are continuing to use it as it does a passable job on most things but I shall be pleased when it is back to 100%.  When I looked at the technical specifications I was pleased to note that not only was it A rated for energy use it only uses 10 litres of water which is not much.  I will now feel less guilty about using it especially when we have our roof panels up and running.  I think I am very silly when it comes to the dishwasher and the tumble dryer both of which I feel guilty using - I suppose it is because I know there is an easy and cheap alternative.  I don't feel guilty using the iron which really chews electricity.....

Now I have a dilemma I was going to buy myself a shooting coat for the cold weather but when I looked in the catalogues I found that they were hideously expensive at £200 - 500 so I looked for an alternative and found I could get an adequate jacket with large patch pockets from cotton traders for £40-60 now that is more like it!!!  However, I do need a pair of decent ear defenders and they will cost around £150 I don't mind spending the money on those as my ears are very precious to me and I would rather not get any deafer than I already am....The electronic ear defenders are very clever as they allow you to hear normal speech but cut out the load noise of the gun with the added bonus of keeping your ears warm.  My current ones are OK but they don't cut out as much noise as I would like and having tried Jeff's on Thursday my mind was made up.

Last night we had a bit of a down pour and with the wind the garden is looking a bit battered however I noticed that my saffron crocuses have poked their noses up and I look forward to them flowering around December when I can harvest my first home grown saffron.  I only have about 60 bulbs so I expect to get less than a teaspoon full - if I get one dish out of it I shall be pleased....

Well that's about it for this morning time for more coffee and a plan of campaign for the day.....

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