Saturday morning

We are down to single figures already, only 8 degrees this morning however we didn't get any frost as forecast.
Yesterday's cooking session went well and the mussel soup was very tasty but a lot of faffing around - in future the mussels will be eaten in a less labour intensive fashion.  The squid and rice dish turned out well but again mega amounts of labour for a dish that was OK not particularly special and definitely not worth all the washing up.  Cleaning squid is a bit of a chore at the best of times.  The rabbits were put into the brine and this morning I will strip them of their meat and make the stock ready to have a major pie making session on Sunday.  I made up a big bag of short crust pastry mix and put it in the freezer so that I can just weigh out say 8oz and then just add water and hey presto pastry.
Today we are off to the gun smiths to buy bullets or should I say cartridges.  The shop is about an hours drive away so we are going to incorporate a trip to pick up our trophies and a dog walk/sloe picking session.   The one thing I will have to remember is to take my shotgun licence as they will not sell you cartridges without it and it is not the first time we have driven half way there and then realised I didn't have my licence.  I had better also remember something in which to put the sloes once picked as my pockets will not hold sufficient.
The fish monger sent me a couple of extras with my order, a very small rabbit and a pair of pheasant breasts.  The pheasant breasts will do for lunch just pan fried with a little bacon and some broccoli and the very small rabbit will join the others in the pie mix.   We still have a portion of the mussel soup which we will have for supper with some bread and cheese.  Mike bought a Camembert yesterday and it is stinking out the whole house.
That is the plan of campaign for today and just to put a downer on things my mobile phone decided to die yesterday the screen has some weird patterns on it and does not respond to anything I do including removing and replacing of the battery and Sim card, so I think it is very dead.  I don't know of a hard reboot  for the phone so I will have to go to a phone shop.  Needless to say it is out of warranty and is a pay as you go phone so I think it will be a case of purchasing a new one.  Fortunately with the iPad I only need a very basic phone just to make and receive calls but the camera is also useful.....
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