Saturday morning

Yesterday was a day of mechanical death in this house.  My wonderful built in coffee machine, which I love dearly, has been unwell for some time and yesterday it finally turned up its toes and started to leak water all over the place.  The company from whom I had bought it has also gone out of business and as it comes from Italy the chance of repair is minimal.  So a decision had to be made and we have decided that we will replace it with a completely new machine.  Of course nothing is ever that simple so after hours of trawling around on the internet finding the machine I wanted it was then a case of organising for a fitter to install it and make the required adjustments as the new machine is slightly smaller than the one we have now.  Anyway that is now all in hand and should be completed within the next 2 -3 weeks.  In the mean time we thought we would put the old counter top Nepresso machine  back into service.  No such luck, after 5 years in a cupboard it was seized solid and only good for the bin.  If I want a cup of decent coffee now I will have to break out the Neapolitan stove top coffee maker or just make do with instant....
Now for a success story, the meat thermometer that I bought from Lakeland is wonderful.  I cooked the only roastable thing I could find which was a tiny 3 rib rack of lamb and set the probe to bleep when it reached 60 degrees which is correct for rare and bingo it did just that so while it was resting I had a chance to boil the peas.  I work on the principle that as soon as the peas boil over they are done!!!!!  Perfect and no guess work, I can't wait to put it through its paces on something a bit larger.  I feel a roast chicken coming on not because I want to eat it but because I want to test the thermometer.  Christmas and the dratted turkey is going to be a breeze!!!!!!
The weather is going to be fine for the whole weekend so today I would like to get out into the garden and do some planting.  The veg beds are all prepared so it is just a case of poking in the bulbs of the garlic and onions which shouldn't take very long.  I picked what may well be the last lot of runner beans yesterday so now I need to find something to have with them - what about a chicken!!!!!!  I can pick one up from the butcher on my way to walk the dogs.  It will also mean that Mike has cold chicken for lunch tomorrow as I will be out shooting with Shiona and we will no doubt have a burger from the burger van for our lunch.  I would like to add here that the burger van is run by a very nice lady and I would happily eat off the floor of the van she is so meticulously clean.  It is a competition shoot but that doesn't matter as you don't have to hand in your card if your score is rubbish.
Can you tell that I am feeling better at last?  have a great week end and enjoy the last of the warm weather before winter sets in..................

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