Saturday morning

We certainly had some rain yesterday it poured most of the afternoon and evening - just as well I didn't have any outdoor activities planned.  Instead I made a big batch of leek and potato soup which is now happily in the freezer then I set to and made some nice sticky chicken wings for lunch.  I chop off the very tip portion of the wings and those are for the dogs.  Then cut the remainder in half and slow roast them with balsamic vinegar,  maple syrup  and finely chopped garlic.  We had half of them with some lovely runner beans and the other half for supper with a bit of mash potato with some savoy cabbage run through it.  All in all a very economical day.  Today we are off at the crack of dawn to go down to Bridge near Canterbury to collect some pigeons which I will take the breasts off and put in the freezer.  Roger had been out shooting all afternoon and bagged quite a few.  So I had better not spend too long typing as I need to have a shower and get ready to leave by 8 am.  I fancy making a pate with the pigeons and some belly pork and maybe some black figs.  We need some coffee so we will probably swing by the good shop in Faversham on the way back and get restocked.
At the moment it is dry but according to the weather forecast it we are in for more rain this afternoon and evening so walking the dogs will need to be done this morning if we can fit it in.  They will accompany us to Canterbury anyway as Basso and Roger are great hunting friends.  
Well that's about it for now time to get myself dressed and ready for the mega pigeon day.......
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