Saturday morning and hosing down

Yesterdays outing went well we took the dogs for a nice run in the woods and Basso was definitely in hunting mode.  It is very noticeable as his behaviour is quite different from the usual "off for a stroll".  I don't think there was a square inch of the woods that was not covered and had there been a pheasant he would have found it.
Lunch was very frustrating Mike and I ordered the paella which was for two and we were warned that it would take 20-30 minute.  This I felt was a good sign as it was going to be freshly made.  When it arrived it looked just as one would have expected but the first fork full was a crashing disappointment NO saffron but a bucket load of turmeric so it tasted more like curry than anything else.  Had we not been in company I would have complained - as far as I am concerned it was a way of saving money, saffron is expensive and turmeric is cheap and both make rice yellow.  Given that it cost £22.50 for the two of us and there was about £5 worth of ingredients that made me mad.  Anyway, the dogs thought it was OK which it was but not a paella.
Shiona and her brood arrived at around 5pm and I had organised toast and some of the pigeon breast pate followed by a sort of mock cheese cake for desert as I felt this was the best option as people could eat as much or as little as they liked.  I ate only the desert as I was still bloated from lunch but Mike and Shiona made some headway into the pate.  The 5 dogs were all fed and we then retired to bed to watch the Mentalist and New Tricks.  Needless to say the coffee machine was put through its paces and while I admit it was an extremely extravagant purchase it is worth every penny.  The only function I have not yet tried is the the ability to make 4-6 cups of coffee into the insulated jug but that might come in handy for breakfast. One of the best functions is that if you do not use the machine for 30 minutes it rinses itself and switches itself off.
Shiona is off to the hairdresser at 9 am and I have ideas of making some leek and potato soup then when she returns we will get stuck in to making the hare pate.  It means getting the mincer out but it does do a much better job than the food processor so it is worth the extra effort.  For a hint of sweetness I am going to add some prunes which I hope will compliment the richness of the hare.  Our garage is too small to put a car in so it doubles up as extra kitchen space.  When we had the new kitchen installed all the old work surfaces and cupboards were put in the garage so it is ideal for storage of those seldom used items like extra large pans, fish kettles and the mincer.  The freezers are also in there so we refer to it as the butlers pantry!!!!the only draw back is that I have to venture outside to access it, I have often thought of punching a door through from the dining room which would save braving the elements.  Mike doesn't think it practical and as I have been doing it for 30+ years I don't suppose it is really worth the effort.
Tomorrow I am meant to be going shooting but if the weather is like this I shall be going nowhere, there is no fun in shooting in the rain and it makes the gun wet!!!!!
Enjoy your weekend what ever you have planned I am off for more coffee and to make a start on the soup.....

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