Monday morning and the temperature is dropping

Three rabbit pies in the freezer and two consumed for Sunday lunch.  It seemed to take ages to get the pies made as it is quite fiddly making them in those foil boxes. In the end I got 5 individual pies and 6 meals for the dogs out of 3 rabbits costing a total of £6 - economical if you don't add in my labour costs.... It would be interesting to know just how much I am worth per hour.  Perhaps I will write a CV for a house wife!!!!By the time I was finished the kitchen needed a good clean down as there was flour everywhere.  I also spent some time trying to organise the blue-tooth connection between my phone and the computer.  It is all done now and the phone has a distinctive ring tone.  Mikes rings like a phone but mine plays "Black and Gold" so we can tell them apart easily.
Today the engineers are coming to measure up for the solar panels and work out a route for the cabling and see what scaffolding is required.  I have been thinking how best to take advantage of the free electricity so I will now be running my dish washer during the day rather than in the evening.  In fact it is the reverse of the system we used to have with the economy 7 meter where we tried to use the majority of the power at night.  However, I am not intending to become medieval in my approach to life and only functioning in daylight hours.  All my white goods are "A" rated so I am not a big consumer of electricity at the best of times but I still have puritanical feelings towards the tumble dryer and the dishwasher the use of which feels slightly wicked!!!!
It will be interesting to see just how well they work in the poor light of the winter months and we can look forward to a considerable increase in the summer.  It also occurred to me that when we are away in the caravan all the electricity will be going back to the grid so we will be making money by going on holiday!!!!  There is also one other advantage to all of this we will have to clear out the under stairs cupboard, which is a complete mess, so that the men can get at the meter.  Not a job that I relish but one that needs to be done and now my hand is forced; no more excuses......
Today, I have plans to get the laundry done as I have a pile of sheets still awaiting washing from our last set of visitors.  Tomorrow I can get the ironing done and out of the way.  Then of course there is the eternal problem of what to have for lunch and dinner.  I have some lambs kidneys, which is one of Mikes favourites, so that is one meal and a salad and chorizo will have to do for the next.   On Wednesday the new coffee machine is due to be installed, Thursday is a shooting day which brings the week nearly to an end.
Wrap up warm it is going to get very cold this week......
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