Monday morning and raining

Having been in the doldrums for some time this morning I really need to get my act together and get going with some house work.  To that end, my bed is already stripped and the sheets are in the machine as I drink my first cup of coffee.  Yesterday, I put all the dogs bedding through so that smells a little sweeter.  I know that it is raining as Basso has just returned from his morning trip to the garden and he is soaked.
Our friends who have been travelling around Portugal in their motor home are now back in the UK and are swapping the to the car to come up here from Bristol.  However, they have hit a small problem in that when they go away they disconnect the battery to the car.  Well now that they have a very nice new Lexus  it doesn't seem to like being disconnected and they are having great difficulty getting it started.  This may well delay their start this morning but they have promised to ring and keep me informed as to progress.  I really only need to know for catering purposes.  Either way it will take about 4 hours to drive up here which gives me some time to organise myself.  I will prepare the guest room this morning and make sure that the bathroom is nice and clean in anticipation of their arrival.
Jane has swapped her day and is coming to us this morning so she will be around to help with the bed making and general cleaning.  Then I need to get some bits and pieces out of the freezer.  I have and apple cake which will do for tea time.  Then for dinner I have some smoked salmon pate, the hare stew and a chocolate cake so hopefully all I need to do is some potatoes and some runner beans from the garden and we have a meal ready.  I thought I would make a batch of Joys oat cakes to have with the smoked salmon. Once they are here we can then discuss the menu from then on and decide what we want to do.  The weather is set to be horribly wet for the next few days so I don't think we will be doing much out of doors.
I have threatened Basso with a major grooming session so that he looks his best, however, I will need some dry weather to get him outside and on the table if I am not going to break my back.  He absolutely hates being groomed so we have a bit of a battle about it.  He prefers the natural look "dirty and smelly" for preference.
Tomorrow is Mikes birthday and I intend to take down the Parma hams from the garage roof and have a look to see how they are.  It may be that they are only fit for the bin but we will have to wait and see how successful I have been.   For breakfast tomorrow morning I have plenty to keep us happy from Panetone to bacon, eggs and mushroom [ceps]  and assorted marmalades all I am short of is some decent bread which is easily rectified by a trip to the bakers.  As you can no doubt see I use this blog to run through in my mind what needs to be done and what needs to be prepared.  Thank heavens for a well stocked larder, a full freezer and my vegetable delivery tomorrow.
Well the washing machine has finished so time to move the washing on to the tumble dryer which I have not used since last winter but it will come into its own today.  The dogs are milling around looking for their breakfast so it is definitely time to get under way.  Have a good day and try to stay dry!!!!
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