Monday and the start of another week

"There is no such thing as inclement weather only inappropriate clothing"

Never was a truer word spoken - I went shooting yesterday and was definitely inappropriately dressed - I froze to death.  It was much colder near Dover than here and there was a gentle icy breeze blowing so as we stood in the woods waiting our turn to shoot we gradually froze.  Oh how I wished I had put on my long Johns and a thick wind proof coat.  It is very difficult to shoot straight if you are shivering!!!!  Well that is my excuse for an appalling score.  As we drove home and my hands gradually thawed out I had terrific pins and needles so when we finally got home I dumped everything and and went and cuddled under my duvet until I was at last warm again.  By which time I had lost all enthusiasm for the day and spent the rest of the time slopping around in my dressing gown watching rubbish on the TV.  This means that nothing significant got done - the kitchen is in uproar and the dishwasher remains unemptied - I do hate starting the day with yesterday's mess.
As it stands at the moment we have a completely blank week ahead of us. Not that I expect it to stay that way, but if it does I can get on with several jobs that have been hanging around for some time.  Before the solar panels are installed I need to sort out the cupboard under the stairs where the meter is situated as the men will need access and currently it is piled high with stuff that I know I am going to need some time.  I think a large black bag is called for and some hard headed thinning of the stuff is required.  I find I need to be in the right mood to have a throwing away session otherwise I just end up putting it all back, all be it more tidily.  Somewhere in my head I think I am going to be posting parcels so I have huge stores of used jiffy bags, brown paper, bubble wrap and tissue.  As it happens I seldom post parcels and if I do I never have the right size Jiffy bag anyway so I think it is time to get rid of most of it.  Then there are the old dog leads and collars which are saved for an emergency that never happens and hundreds of rucksack and bags that come free with some item of clothing.  These will come in handy for picnics that we never take....Am I the only one who deludes themselves like this?  probably the only two useful items in that cupboard are the hoover and the ironing board.  I think I must have inherited my fathers hoarding gene but he did at least put the rubbish to good use.  We had electronic garage doors which require the old washing machine motor and an assortment of old cotton reels and wire coat hangers and we had a radio controlled tank which had kitty-kat tins for wheels.  I can remember my poor mother trying to get the cat food out of a teaspoon sized hole in the centre of the tin as the lids could not be removed.
Oh well enough reminiscing time to get on with something constructive I think a menu plan for the week will make life easier so that is where I shall start.......... 
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