Monday and the start of another week

What a grand day I had yesterday, the weather was fabulous with lots of sunshine but a very cool wind blowing.  I set off to meet Shiona and her friends at Dartford and once off the main road the drive up to the shooting club is through glorious woodland which was carpeted in butter coloured leaves.  However once I arrived I could hardly believe my eyes there were hundreds of people there and cars everywhere.  I eventually managed to park the car halfway down the big hill - the shooting ground was once a quarry.  General introductions were made and it was decided that Simon should use my gun as Shiona's has a very short stock.  Pleasantries dealt with we got ourselves on the stand with the fewest people - perhaps not such a good idea as it was probably the most difficult in the competition.  Having made a general hash of that we gradually move on down and shot the last few stand then back up to shoot the earlier ones.  The two girls who were not shooting were getting a bit bored by then but I had Basso in the car so he was got out and given to them to look after.  Of course he was fascinated and marking the clays in case he was sent to collect one that had been shot.  As we shot the last couple of stands the girls decided to take him for a walk which was great and saved me a job.  We finally finished our round and handed in our cards and went to the burger van for some lunch.  We were all starving by then but managed to leave Basso some bits of bun and the odd bacon rind.  I took my leave of the others and managed to extricate the car and got home at around 3pm.  Mike had done his own lunch and had spent the morning researching photovoltaic panels as we are thinking of generating our own electricity.  I was shattered so I cleaned my gun which had done double the number of shots and was pretty dirty.  That done I put myself off to bed for a rest.  No sooner than I had dropped off than the phone rang - it was the shooting club to inform me that I had come second and Shiona third in the competition for our group, Novice ladies, and there would be trophies to collect.  Absolutely delighted I had to ring Shiona and tell her so we have booked up to go shooting again on Wednesday and pick up our winnings.  I have entered this competition 3 times and 3 times I have come second I really must try to win it some time....  Anyway a most enjoyable way to spend a Sunday morning. There was cold chicken left overs for supper so I had almost nothing to do.
Today I am going to get into the garden and get planting I have put it off day after day but the time has come for no more procrastination.  The chicken carcass has made some lovely stock so lunch will be soup and dinner will no doubt be the pate that is still lurking in the fridge.  This should leave me free to get on in the garden and finally get my garlic and onions under-way.  Within the space of one week the trees have turned yellow and the leaves are dropping in great drifts so the autumn is really here now and winter will be just around the corner.  I do love the changing of the seasons and would hate to live in a country that didn't have these swings and roundabouts to keep us amused.  Enjoy the lovely autumn sunshine while it last and have a good day all........................

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