Friday morning and there goes another week!

Firstly, Anne thanks for the description of your lovely meal it sounds just wonderful and you must be chuffed to have had chat with the man himself.  We too had a nice lunch even though it was only in a local pub we started with scallops and black pudding with cauliflower purée then I had twice cooked belly of pork served with seasonal vegetables and crushed potatoes and Mike had the fish pie which had white fish salmon and prawns he then finished off with an individual treacle tart and clotted cream.  Not too shabby for a pub in the middle of nowhere.  Having started the morning very early I got stuck in to moving money around and sorting things ready for the solar panel installation.  It is amazing that I can move money at the press of a button but it take the bank 3 working days to do the same.  Anyway I think I have everything covered and nothing should rebound!!!!
When we got home from the pub I suddenly remembered that I had not been to sort out the hens so that was my first priority.  They were in fact out of food and when I filled their dish you would have thought that they hadn't eaten for a week.  Given that they are such scrawny birds it always amazes me how much they eat.  I guess egg production must be a very energy sapping process.  Talking of which I was all but out of energy myself so I toddled off to bed and slept for 2 solid hours - when I woke it was dark and I had no idea if it was night or day.  I had slept so soundly that I was sure it was morning and I had slept right through but no it was 6pm and time to make a bit of supper for us and the dogs.  The dogs were happy to sleep all afternoon as they had had a nice run and a good game in the water.  I don't think there is an air freshener in the world which could deal with the gorgeous aroma of three wet dogs gently steaming in the back of a warm car.
Today I have a couple of projects on, I am expecting the fish monger to deliver some rabbits which will need to be soaked in brine for 24 hours before I set to and make the rabbit pies for the freezer.  I am also having some mussels which I intend to make into the mussel soup as demonstrated on Master Chef - I might dispense with all the garnish items but the bread crumbed and fried mussels. I have also ordered some squid which I intend to make into a rice salad.  The Breton chef we met at Shiona's made this wonderful salad with rice and squid.  I discussed it with my chef friend and now think I can replicate it so I am going to give it a try.  I will let you know how it works out!!!!
While we were in the pub we discussed the menu for Christmas and have decided that we fancy a large roast of beef as we are all fed up with turkey and we have had goose several years on the trot.  None of us feel up to eating Christmas pudding so we thought we would just have a luxury trifle instead.  If I do the same as I did last year and cook a small turkey on Xmas eve to have as cold meat on boxing day that seems to be the best of all worlds.  Margaret is a chocoholic so I am going to make an ambassador cake rather than a fruit cake.  So there you go, that is Christmas all sorted!!!!!  Elaine and I have decided that as far as Christmas presents go only home made will do so I think I am going to get going on some soap making in anticipation.
I don't know about you but I am still basking in the lovely warm feeling of rescued miners amid all the doom and gloom it makes me feel really happy.......
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