Friday morning and the end of the week and beginning of a new month

Can you believe it is October already where did the summer go?  It seems only yesterday that I was looking forward to sun and warmth and green leaves and suddenly it is all over and we are heading back towards winter.
Yesterday was a gorgeous day with lots of warm sun and I managed to get out of the house for the first time in nearly 2 weeks.  I took the dogs for a nice walk down by the estuary but as the tide was well out I made sure we walked clear of the mud.  There was no way I wanted three mud covered dogs to deal with when I got home.  I put Basso through his paces and made sure that he had not forgotten his whistle commands - he was a bit reluctant at first but soon fell into line.  He will need to behave well if he is to go hunting this season.  For lunch we had the tomato sauce I had made with some pasta and a salad of oak leaf lettuce and mizuna from the garden.  It is nice to be still picking stuff to eat and my Japanese vegetables are doing well. I had a little look to see if the saffron crocuses were showing any signs but they are tucked up under ground and there is not even a little peak of green to see.  The hens seem to be settling down to their winter quarters but have gone off the lay a little with only 2 eggs yesterday and the day before.  That is no bad thing as we have rather too many at the moment.
As it is the first of the month I have a couple of chores to do today firstly I have the meters to read and send to the supplier and then I have the dogs ears to powder.  The ear powder is to prevent ear mites and seems to do a very good job.  Basso with his big floppy ears is most at risk but in the interest of fairness everyone gets done and then gets a treat.  For lunch today I have planned some sticky chicken wings and yet more runner beans.  When the season finally comes to an end we will be pleased to see the back of the runners and happy to wait until next season before we have any more.  I suppose that is one of the things of eating seasonally you get sick of a particular vegetable and are happy not to have it again until next season.  I had a phone call from our friends who are touring northern Spain at the moment and were due to cross over the channel via Calais and Dover then pop in to see us on their way to Bristol however they have changed their booking and are going to cross from Santander then swap the motor home for the car and come and visit us on Monday.  I do hope I am up to it as I still feel a bit rocky but I have several days to get my act together and they are not difficult guest to entertain.  It is Mikes birthday on Tuesday but I'm not sure how well he will be feeling and if he would like to go out for lunch - I think we had better play this by ear and make a last minute decision.
It is already raining here so it looks like a bit of a miserable day........
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