Friday and the end of another week

OK first in reply to the omelet question - for the full guide it might be worth your taking up the 14 day free trial  However the essentials are, to cook the omelet in butter and at a very low temperature constantly stirring and shaking the pan which of course is very non stick and also the right size. This way the butter doesn't burn and the omelet takes on no colour at all.  Once it is more or less set you leave it to complete cooking then turn over one edge with a rubber spatula and flip it out on to the plate.  It is not easy to describe but the video makes all clear.  Oh I forgot to mention that you should beat the eggs with a fork until all the white is completely incorporated before pouring into the pan.  A whisk adds too much air and makes for the wrong consistency.   I hope this helps.  I have made hay while the sun shines with the free trial and picked up quite a few good tips.  The explanatory videos are very good and very clear.

Now on to yesterday Jeff arrived at the usual time and enjoyed a cappuccino coffee from the new machine before we set off to go shooting.  We both shot well and were pleased with our round this is not to say that we didn't miss quite a few but we managed to get at least one of every type of clay.  For the uninitiated every stand has two clays which fly in different directions and at differing speeds and or heights.  Some times they are also of differing sizes, all of which makes for interesting shooting.
This photo shows you a mini clay in comparison to a hens egg so you can get an appreciation of size.  These are the smallest clays, the normal ones are considerably bigger about the size of a small saucer.  Some of them fly on their side which so you only get a picture of the depth.  They are also subject to the vagueries of the wind.  At a distance and travelling fast they all look tiny....
Anyway shooting over we came home to the shepherds pie and brussel sprouts which were demolished in double quick time.  Jeff, good boy that he is, cleans the guns while I bang the pots and pans and get the meal on the table.  Mike serves up a beer while the guns are cleaned then a drop of wine with lunch and I round it all off with a fabulous cup of coffee.  What more can you ask of life!!!  Jeff heads back to Surrey and I head off to my bed for a kip.  For supper we just had a bowl of roast pumpkin and red pepper soup that I had made a couple of days ago.
Today the dogs are going to need a good run as yesterday was a bit of a bore for them.  Then I am going to trawl through the freezer and see if I can find the ingredients for a fish pie or if I have a packet of mixed sea food then maybe a seafood and pasta dish. I never got around to doing the ironing yesterday and now that I have another load of whites to add I think it is time I got on with it.  Have a great day all - Anne I hope the cold is not dragging you down too much.....

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