Friday and the end of another week

Where did this week go?  I can't believe it is Friday already.  Yesterday went well, Jeff arrived shortly after 10am and we had coffee and chatted for a while before setting out for Dartford.  The weather was really lovely, warm and sunny, but as we approached the club the road was coned off with lots of signs about fly tipping.  The area is marsh land with lots of drainage ditches and open fields and has been a magnet for fly tippers for some time.  We stopped the car and had a chat with one of the council workers who then allowed us through after warning the workers we were on our way.  They had a huge JCB which was hauling tyres and sofas out of the ditches, what a terrible mess!!!  There were also police officers with them presumably looking for any evidence of who has been dumping all the stuff or perhaps supervising the young men "paying their debt to society"  - well that is what it said on their yellow fluorescent jackets!!!!
Eventually we made it to the club and bought ourselves a mixed round of skeet and sporting.  We started with the skeet which Mike can join in with as we need someone to fire off the clays.  After we had sharpened ourselves up doing that we moved on to the sporting layout where the clays are supposed to represent various types of game including rabbits which run along the ground at very high speed.  There were lots of people shooting as they seemed to have some sort of team building, corporate day out crowd who had been split into groups each with an instructor.  This meant that we had to dodge in and out of the groups to find available stands and of course they were the more difficult ones.  Anyway, I will stop prattling on and just say that I was delighted with my shooting and was only a few shots behind Jeff.  Then it was back to the club house for a bacon butty and a shared bowl of chips.  I had taken Basso as he usually gets to have a game with his mate Frank the larbradoodle but sadly he was not there so he had to content himself with sitting with us and having a few stray chips and being stroked and admired by every passing shooter.  Then it was home and on with the gun cleaning, well Jeff did the guns and I made the drinks and served them up with some of the delicious Parma ham which Jeff demolished with gusto.  We then quickly packed some for him to take home for his wife to try.
For supper we just had some cavolo nero fried in a little olive oil, garlic and yet more Parma ham.
Today is going to one of gentle clearing up and laundry but I do have one bit of excitement for entertainment and that is to try my new digital thermometer and probe for the oven.  This is quite a sophisticated bit of kit as you can put the probe into the meat and set it to ring when it has reached the required temperature.  No more guess work with rare roast beef, no more poking chickens to see if the juices run clear!!!!  It will also stand the temperatures required for deep frying, jam making and sugar work so a pretty versatile bit of kit and given we are talking less than £20 not very expensive.  However on a more expensive note my wonderful built in coffee machine is on its last legs and we have been thinking of replacing it, this is now becoming imminent as it has started leaking water!!!!
Well it is now getting light if a bit foggy time I got on with something constructive.

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