Wenesday and bin day

Yesterday was a busy day as it turned out Jane was not very well and rang me to ask if she should come - well what could I say - I told her to go back to bed and rest.  In the mean time Mark was making great head way with all the boring jobs that needed doing.  We discussed the rat problem and he has said that when it is really deep winter and there is little gardening he will come and we can turn out the shed and give it a good going over with the Jeyes fluid which hopefully may sort out the problem.  In the interim Mike is going to potter through all the stuff and get rid of some of the rubbish.  It is quite amazing the amount of kit you accumulate over the years.

I had a bit of a practice with my new scissors and trimmed the two terriers up a bit which was by far the easiest option as they will stand still and allow themselves to be groomed unlike the big boy who always presents a moving target.  I was quite pleased with the results but I still think I need a pair of clippers to do a proper job.  While I was out walking with them I noticed something I have never seen in the UK before and that is wild cyclamen in flower.  They are very common in the part of Italy I come from but I have never seen them here and of course I didn't have the camera with me.  I will try to find them again today and take some pictures.

The pork rillettes turned out well and we have a nice portion for lunch today - for supper I have a nice big trout which I will defrost.  Trout is not my favourite fish so I will have to see if I can find a nice recipe for it.  I now have enough blueberries from the garden to make some muffins so that too may be on the menu.  The runner beans which looked as if they were going to do nothing are at last producing enough pods for a meal every couple of days.  The photo is of my first Japanese aubergine.  They are about 4 inches long and have been grown out doors so I am very proud of it.  I think I will do it the honour of frying it as a starter for dinner tonight rather than mixing it in with a stir fry.

At the moment the sky looks clear but I believe we are in for some rain today so dog walking needs to be bright and early.  We also have a forecast of some pretty cold weather coming so the strelizia which has been outside all summer will need to be brought in.  It has grown into a huge plant so finding it a spot indoors is going to be difficult.

I would also like to have a look at wireless printers which would make printing from the iPad a possibility at the moment I have to transfer stuff to the desk top before printing and the scanner has ceased to work since I upgraded the windows programme.  I have searched for drivers for it but with no success and given that printers are so cheap these days I think I may just treat myself to a new one.

On that happy note I had better go and put the bins out while I remember........
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