Well the gun got cleaned and put away but sadly the ironing is still piling up in the corner.  I did however do the the dog poo in the garden in anticipation of Mark coming today.   Sue my next door neighbour came round and asked if she could take the dogs for a walk - well I jumped at the offer as I have been feeling so guilty about neglecting them.  She managed all three of them and while Basso was a bit of a handful initially he soon calmed down.  They came home happy and exhausted and spent the rest of the day dozing peacefully.  I made some chicken cakes [along the lines of fish cakes] with some crispy bacon added for flavour which we had with a tomato salad for lunch and dinner was just a mug of hot chicken stock and a slice of toast.  I find myself running out of gas very quickly and by about 4 pm I am all but useless.
Today Jane is coming to work her magic on the house which will make me feel better I'm sure and I will make a concerted effort to sort out the laundry.  Mark is going to attack the garden so we should be "all ship shape and Bristol fashion" by this evening.
Mike had a sortie to Tesco's yesterday, so we are restocked with bits and pieces for lunches and dinners and he then went and restocked with dog food.  The sacks of which are still in the car but I will bring them through to the garage this morning.
The weather is a bit warmer at 14 degrees and at the moment it is dry which is hopeful for Mark.  I will off load some of my eggs today as both he and Jane are always pleased to take some off me.  If I have sufficient energy I may move the chickens to their winter quarters which will make life a bit easier for us all.  I have plenty of planting to do as soon as I am fit as the onions, garlic and elephant garlic have all arrived as well as the broad beans all of which need to be in the ground fairly soon.  I have not grown elephant garlic before so it will be a new experience.  They are supposed to be ideal bulbs for oven roasting with a mild flavour as they are not true garlic but part of the leek family.
Well that is the plan of campaign for the day lets hope I don't run out of gas too soon and manage to complete some if not all of the chores I have in mind.
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