Wednseday morning

4am - antibiotic - coffee and blog.  I feel marginally better and I mean marginally which is not difficult given how rotten I was yesterday.  I spent the whole day in bed with odd sorties out for food and drink.  I am so glad we cancelled the holiday as I would not be in any fit state for physical work.  Mike managed to let Basso escape through the garage and he was found wandering up the road.  He has no traffic sense so that was very dangerous.  He also does not obey Mike as it is always me that gives instructions.  Anyway the potential disaster was averted as one of the neighbours caught him and fortunately he had his collar on so he could grab him.  The washing and ironing is mounting up but to hell with it it is taking me all my strength just to get through the day.
Thank you all for your kind wishes lets hope it is not too long before I am back to my usual self.....

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