Wednesday morning

It is hard to believe but I have only just woken up and it is 7.45 nearly lunch time in my book.  I must have slept very soundly last night and now that the coughing is diminishing that is much easier.  I did have a pretty busy day yesterday what with Jane and Mark both here in the morning.  I finished all the ironing and found that working with a steam generator iron was positively comforting to my chest but stripping and remaking beds was exhausting.  I managed to move the hens to their winter quarters and they are now happily scratching around in the green house amongst the tomato plants.  This means that I only need one trip per day to feed and water and collect eggs  which cuts the work by half.  Both Jane and Mark left with half a dozen eggs each which has reduced the numbers some what.
The weather here is damp and overcast but not actually raining and the temperature is in double figures so not that unpleasant.  I am going to take the dogs out for a bit of a run today thought I do not intend to walk very far.  At least it will be a change of scene for all of us as I think we are all going a bit stir crazy.
On the food front I had some nice leeks in my vegetable box yesterday and I think a leek and potato soup may be on the cards especially as I still have some really nice chicken stock.  I also have a yen for a cottage pie, so I might set to and make one.  It all rather depends on how long my energy lasts.
I have been taking all the good advice you have been giving me and am trying not to over do things too soon but it is hard to know what is enough and what is too much.  As soon as I get tired I give up rather than soldier on which is not in my nature however I am being stern with myself and leaving jobs half done if that is what it takes.
Mike is still sound asleep so I will not disturb him as he has had so many broken nights coughing I dare say he could use a long lie in.
There does seem to be light at the end of the tunnel and it is not the light of an oncoming train!!!!!
Have a good day all
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