Wednesday the beginning of another month!!!

Verbena bonariensis which grows very happily in paving but refuses to grow in the flower bed!!!!!

Yesterday was complete bedlam in this house.  It was like Piccadilly circus with people coming and going all morning.  First the guy who took my bees came to collect the remaining bits and pieces.  I had suggested that he bring his boys to help carry the stuff as most of it was at the far end of the garden.  Mean while Jane arrived with her sons homework that he had insisted she show me.  He had written out his 4 times table so I duly marked that and gave him 9/10 as he had only gone as far as 4 x 10 = 40.  Anyway I hope it has given him a bit of confidence to continue with arithmetic and not to insist he can't do it.  No sooner than the car full of bee bits had pulled away than Mark the gardener arrived bearing a Kilo of parmesan from his holiday in Italy.  Mike insisted on paying him for it but he refused any money as he had not been made to pay for the glass he broke in the green house.  The cheese is absolutely delicious so I have cut it into manageable pieces, vacuum packed them and put them in the bottom of the spare fridge.  Mark and I had a patrol of the garden deciding what most needed doing.  He decided that he could use a bit of exercise to help loose the extra holiday pounds and so after cutting the lawn he started the compost heaps.  All three were shovelled out and re-layered into two leaving one bin empty so we can start filling that.  Meanwhile, Elaine had popped in for a cup of coffee - so I made coffee for all and issued them each with a blueberry muffing from the freezer - I must admit that they are definitely better straight out of the oven but passable from the freezer.  By 12 mid day it had all gone quiet and I made us a bowl of pasta with fresh tomato sauce, finished off the ironing and went and crashed out for a sleep.  I had managed to clean the rest of the kitchen before Jane arrived and now that the floor has had a good wash it looks passable.  For supper we had a nice boneless veal loin chop with the glazed carrots and runner beans.  I made a sauce for the chops with the pan juices, white wine, lemon, garlic and rosemary.  For desert we had apple snow that I had made to use up the several apples that were lurking in the fruit bowl.  Needless to say I never got round to cleaning the windows and re-hanging the curtains so that is on the list for today, along with stripping the cushion covers off the three piece suite and getting them through the washing machine.

Today being the first of the month I have a couple of chores namely the dogs ears get cleaned and powder put in to prevent ear mites and the gas and electric meters get read and the numbers sent down the wires.  The computer gets put through its cleaning process and recycle bin emptied.  Talking of bins although today is our usual day the bins will not be collected until tomorrow as there was a Bank Holiday on Monday.

For dinner today I have a veal kidney which I will serve in a creamy sauce with rice and a salad and we still have a portion of apple snow each so that should suffice.  My chest infection has largely cleared and I am down to one mega coughing fit per day usually first thing in the morning. Well it is just getting light and I still have a fair pile of ironing to keep me occupied and I can prepare the kidney so that it can be cooked quickly later.
Enjoy this good weather I believe it is due to last until the weekend!!!!!

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