Wednesday and wet

Preparing a dog for a show

Yet another abortive swimming lesson!!  Basso was desperate to go in but even with Casey for encouragement he was still unwilling to get wet.  However as you can see the same did not apply to getting muddy.  Fortunately by the time we got back to the car we had managed to persuade him to paddle and get most of the mud off.  Once home we discovered that we were all starving hungry so a pot of pasta was put on to boil and the meat balls heated in some tomato sauce and away we went.  
I managed to get an hours kip before we had to get dressed and head out for dinner.  By 6pm it had turned into a beautiful evening and we had a lovely drive through to Goudhurst. One of the dinner guests was a Breton who had worked as a chef in Paris so dinner was wonderful.  We started with some lovely mackerel pate on little pieces of toast with our drinks then we moved on to a mixed fish dish which included cockles, octopus, gherkins and pearl onions all in a light pickle.  Then on to squid and rice in a creamy sauce which was most delicious and finally on to the main course which was venison cooked with chocolate and Corsican wild myrtle and tagliatelle.  This was followed by some cheese and finally an apple and mulberry pie.  By which time I was completely stuffed.  All of the food had been either caught or shot by the chef.  In fact that morning before breakfast he had shot a rabbit in the garden and that was already in the pot ready for another meal.  It just goes to show what a bountiful larder nature provides if you are prepared to put yourself out to get it...  Mike had had a few glasses of wine so it was down to me to drive back and we finally arrived home just before midnight.
I was awakened by a huge deluge this morning but it has now stopped raining thought the sky is very overcast and menacing.  I think the laundry I had planned for today could well have to wait another day.  I have a couple of meat balls still left from yesterday so they will do for lunch and we may end up with scrambled eggs for supper, we ate enough yesterday to sink a battleship!!!!!  I think today will be a quiet day just pottering as I feel pretty shattered from yesterdays exertions.  Mike is feeling very under par and I am trying to persuade him to go and see the doctor but with little success. I may well have to bully him into going for his own good!!!!
Well that me for today try and stay dry if you are out and about today!!!!


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