Tuesday morning and blowing

Verbena bonariensis growing very happily in amongst the patio paving.  It has taken me ages to get this photo up as the programme is messing me about.
Today the wonderful Jane is going to work her magic with the hoover and Mark is coming to give me a hand with the garden.  The menu is simple for lunch some smoked haddock and a pork chop and veg for supper.  However I have taken out some pork shoulder which I intend to make into rillettes which will take a good couple of hours of cooking but then it will be OK for a couple of lunches with some bread and salad.  I managed to get the dogs out for a nice walk yesterday and I explained to Basso that if he was going to be allowed to drop the show ring he would need to put a bit more effort into obedience for hunting.  OK you think I am crazy but blow me down with a feather if he didn't seem to understand - he did absolutely everything I asked of him. I ran through the whistle commands and hand signals and he obeyed everyone without hesitation.  I also rang his breeder who was most helpful and suggested that I get him hip scored [ shed loads of money and a trip to south hampton] then she will consider lifting the embargo if a suitable bitch becomes available.  It seems to me that it is easier to get married than to breed a pedigree dog!!!!  There were no checks on Mike before I married him!!!!!and no one checked if I was a suitable bitch for him.....
At the moment Mike is blissfully ignorant as to where this may lead.  As the stud owner I get two choices either the cost of a puppy or pick of the litter!!!!!!!Well I'm sure you know which one I would choose but don't tell Mike let it be our secret!!!!!!!
I am very late this morning as I had a bit of a rough night and decided to have a major coughing fit at about 2 am which kind of broke my night up.  Anyway all is well now and I really must get the show on the road as Mark is liable to turn up at about 8 am and the garden needs clearing of dog poo if he is to work in safety.  The sky looks very threatening so I hope we get away with a couple of hours before we are inundated.....

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