Tuesday and a busy day coming up

The roses try again

Yesterday was a case of getting things done before the anticipated rain - so I was out fairly early with the dogs and gave them a good run.  The rest of the day seemed to dissolve into sorting out a bank transfer.  The branch of Lloyds, with whom Mike has banked for 50 years, is closing so he wanted to transfer his account into my account at Nat West but of course the branch at the top of the road couldn't do something so complicated and we had to drive to the main branch who accomplished the move in the blinking of eye!!!  Then we were left with letting the pension people know that they should pay the monies into the new account. Fortunately this was easy to do once you had actually got through to a person. Now we hold our breath and hope it all goes through without a hitch.   The expected rain didn't materialise until much later and we have had quite a down pour over night.  I am up quite late as I had a miserable night with my cough waking me at intervals however as a smoker I know that it is largely self inflicted so I am reticent to complain.
Today is going to be a busy one my first job of the day is to clear up a pile of sick, oh isn't life great!!!!one of the dogs has been sick in the middle of the dining room carpet.  Jane is due at 9 and I hope she is impressed with how clean the house is!!! Then Sandi is coming at 10 and we are taking Basso and her Labrador Yoda for a swimming session to a local lake.  As yet Basso has not really swam unless I have dragged him into the water so I am hoping that he will follow Yoda's example and join in the fun there is no way I am going in to encourage him..... I have decided to make some meat balls for lunch but guess what I had no bread crumbs so I have baked a loaf over night and now a couple of slices are drying off so I can crumb them.  I am then hoping to get a siesta before we set off for Goudhurst and Shiona's house where we have been invited to dinner with some of her friends who have come over from France.  I think the talk may well be about guns as he was a very well renowned gunsmith before he retired to France where he does a lot of hunting.  I believe we are being treated to some venison for supper so that will be a nice treat.   Well I can't put the evil hour off any longer I have had a cup of coffee so now to get on with cleaning the carpet, happy days......
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