Time is a great healer - the sweet peas have done well since I sprayed them with my special nicotine spray which seems to have killed off the aphids.
Yesterday was a long slog of chores but very satisfying - the curtains are back in situ on clean window, the loose covers are back on the suite and looking pristine.  The plastic surrounds of the windows certainly do attract dirt and now the are white rather than cream.  For lunch I threw together some macaroni, white sauce from the freezer and some left over cheese and hey presto macaroni cheese.  I was fairly tired after lunch so I went off for a snooze before continuing with the cleaning.  I still have a couple of days worth to do but at least I feel I have broken the back of it.  Mike had caught the mood and decided to clean out the pump in the pond which as it turned out needed both of us but at least that too is clean.  One of my neighbours came to pick raspberries and has offered to give me a hand preparing Basso ready for the show on the 12th at Richmond.  She has giant schnauzers which she shows so is familiar with what is required and also has a grooming table which is very necessary if you are not to break your back.  Anyway, we have allocated Sunday as torture day if the weather is kind we will do it in her garden but if it is wet the table will fit in our shed.
For supper I made veal kidney Jerez served with plain rice and a salad - Mike was in 7th heaven he loves kidneys.
Today I am off to the hospital to have my eye looked at at 11 so there is little point in starting anything I will just concentrate on having a shower and making myself respectable.  In the last 48 hours my sight in that eye seems to have cleared but I am unsure if it is better, or if it is the anti inflammatory drops plus the oral NSAID that I have been taking for my back which has started to play up with all the work.  Do you ever get the feeling that you are slowly falling to bits?  I think it is called ageing!!!!
I will have to have a trawl through the freezer and see what I can find to eat or failing that we may just have lunch by going through the drive through McDonald's  I know it is the pits, but some times it is convenient and will save me one meal....
Have a good a day all.....

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