Thursday morning

Yesterday was a pretty naff day both Mike and I felt pretty miserable and despite my good intentions the dogs never got their walk. I did manage to make a couple of tubs of tomato sauce and we ended up having just mince and potatoes with runner beans rather than a cottage pie.  However, now for the good news today for the first time in ages I feel well.  I had a good nights sleep and woke without a major coughing fit.

The hens seem to be happy in their new accommodation and have churned the soil up to cover the path already.  As you open the green house door there is a wonderful smell of thyme mint and chives all of which the hens are trampling down and presumably munching on.  The garden looks nice and tidy following Marks visit and I picked a nice bunch of runner beans and a container full of blueberries so the garden is still productive.  We had lots of rain in the evening and over night but the sky looks clear this morning with just a gently breeze.  I had better not fail the dogs again today!!!!!  I also have a nice big pile of laundry that needs doing so the machine will be pressed into service; of all the labour saving devices I have, the one I would least like to be without is my washing machine.  The leaves on the trees are not quite turning colour yet but the blueberry bushes have gone a beautiful red and amber colour.

As far as food for today is concerned there is nothing easily available so I will have to have a sortie to the freezer for inspiration.  Alternatively, there is the tomato sauce which would be nice with some pasta and parmesan and perhaps a green salad.  I have some oak leaf lettuces which are about to bolt so I had better start using them before they get away from me.  September seems to have been a month of highs and lows lets hope that October is on a bit more of an even keel.  It is the beginning of the shooting season so lets hope we get an invitation for a bit of rough shooting but first I will need to get fully fit and Basso could use a bit of training before we set off after the pheasants.
Have a good day and enjoy the dry weather if you are lucky enough to have some......
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