Thursday morning

This is a photo of Basso's dad who has also been to Crufts.  As you can imagine I am still reeling from the shock.  It just goes to show how much I know about showing that I didn't even realise that we had qualified thank goodness Louise keeps an eye on me.  What a dim wit!!! Anyway poor old Basso will have to look to his laurels now and learn to behave in the ring.  I think I will have my work cut out for me!!  In the mean time we will continue with his hunting skills, get his hips scored so he can breed if required.  I feel a total hypocrite having slagged off the show world I am now like a kid at Christmas or should that be a dog with two tails.
Well enough about dogs now on to the printer saga I bought myself a new Brother wireless printer and got it home plugged in and it's printing fine.  Then I thought I would try scanning in a document - this is where the trouble began - will it scan NO, did I try every possible thing YES, did I spend hours trying, you bet.  The only good thing is that the computer desk got a good clean in the process.  Anyway, the man who sold me the printer has a shop just up the road and is coming at 3pm to have a look and see if he can get the thing going.  In the mean time this morning I am going shooting with Jeff, who is now back to full fitness after his knee thing and Shiona who is back from Scotland.  For the occasion I thought I would make a batch of blueberry muffins with my own blueberries, to have with coffee.
I took the dogs out yesterday but did I remember the camera so I could show you the cyclamen - I think you know the answer to that one.  The old timers disease is fully operational but my excuse is that I was over excited!!!! I will try to remember tomorrow.
The weather forecast last night warned that there me be a ground frost at the end of the week so I have brought the strelizia back in doors only to find that it has grown dramatically over the summer and is now taking a large chunk of the dining room.  It used to stand on a table but it has had to be put on the floor as it is very tall.  Anyway let's hope it flowers for me in the bleak winter months!!!
Well that's about it for today time I made those muffins and passed the hoover over the floor as the house is a bit of midden.

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