Thursday and dry

I was intending to have a nice quiet day yesterday but somehow things did not turn out that way.  The fish monger phoned me to say that he had just had a hare brought in.  Well hare is one of Mikes favourites so of course I had to have it.  Elaine was passing so she dropped in for coffee - this delayed the work on the hare.  I had forgotten what big animals they are and it took me quite a while to joint it up for the pot especially as it still had rigor mortis and was pretty uncooperative.  I then had to select a recipe for cooking it and chose "Lepre dolce forte" which has sultanas pine nuts and chocolate.  Mike took some photos but I have not posted them as I didn't think you would appreciate them with your cornflakes.  Anyway suffice to say it took me most of the morning to make the stock with the carcass and cook the meat off until tender.  I cooked the main joints on the bone and then removed them once cooked and the dogs had a lovely supper of bits and pieces from the carcass.  I have packed the meat for freezing with the gravy but minus the chocolate as that must not boil so I will add it when I re-heat.  I have kept one portion back for us for supper tonight so we can check the recipe as the rest is ear marked for visitors as there is easily enough for four.  I also have a good litre of game stock for use with other things.  My kitchen took quite a bashing and I have washing up still waiting for attention.  The washing is draped over my dryer in the front room as there was no chance of getting it outside.  We were treated to intermittent down pours of some ferocity and heavy enough to cause flooding in low lying areas.   Fortunately we are at the top of a hill so not in any danger from the water.  It must be devastating to have your house flooded....
Later in the afternoon one of my neighbours called bearing a bottle of wine as a gift - we had given them our broken lawn mower which they successfully mended and have used all summer.  In the end we had scrambled eggs on toast for supper as I was all cooked out by supper time.
Today, weather permitting, I am hoping to go shooting on my own at Dartford shooting club.  Mike can press the buttons for me and I can shoot some skeet just to see how I am dealing with the new eye now that it is back up and running. It will be good to get a bit of practice in before I attempt the more difficult stuff.   We can have lunch in the club house so that gets me off the hook and supper is the hare from yesterday.  Sorted!!!!
Hope you benefit from this small bit of dry weather - dry days have been few and far between for us.....
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