Once the pump is cleaned the fountain looks good....
Yesterday was a quiet day I spent the morning cooking and doing some odd cleaning jobs.  The last of the windows got cleaned and all the curtains are back up so I am feeling virtuous now.  However I have one major job still to do and that is the downstairs loo/utility room which is in a desperate state but it is very much a two handed job.  Anyway, no doubt it will get done at some time in the near future.  I settled to doing the crossword puzzle which is a treat for me as it takes me a couple of hours to complete.

The apple and custard dessert was a great success and both Mike and I enjoyed it.  The damson jam has a very strong flavour and is very sweet so I added no sugar to the apples and only half the amount in the custard. I also made an other batch of fresh tomato sauce for the freezer, a pork and red pepper casserole for dinner and some coleslaw to go with the mackerel for lunch.

David my brother in law was still in hospital as they had had to do more extensive surgery than anticipated but he was waiting for the doctor to come and release him so nothing too major.  I will give him a ring later this morning and find out all the gory details......

Today I would like to get a few jobs in the garden done before the weather turns wet again but I am in a bit of a quandary as to lunch.  I have a portion of buttered cabbage left from yesterday and am undecided as to whether to feed it to the chickens or try and build a meal around it.  The dogs would love it but we have to live with the unfortunate consequences!!!!!  Talking of the dogs poor Basso is due to be tortured [his word not mine] this afternoon.  He needs his coat sorted out if he is to look good for the show next week - so lots of primping and clipping which he hates.  If he does badly I will stop showing him and concentrate on the hunting side, I haven't mentioned this to him as he will no doubt behave like and idiot.  This will be our first and possibly our last championship show so wish us luck.

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