Sunday morning and windy

Not only windy but also chilly - Elaine rang to see if I needed to go to the doctor which I declined as I was making progress.  The coughing was subsiding but I still felt pretty rough and very weak. After my bath and bed change I managed to get the chickens roast and have the carcasses in the pot making some broth.  It is amazing how taxing even small jobs are when you are not up to running speed.  I picked a big handful of runner beans which we had with the chicken and fortunately there is enough left over for a repeat performance for today.  For dinner we had half a baguette each stuffed with egg and tomato and some of the chicken breast.  As you can imagine we are inundated with eggs as I am not cooking much and the hens are still laying well, the tomatoes are all but finished.  So it will soon be time to move the hens into the green house for the winter.  This is very beneficial as it gives their run the whole winter to lie fallow and makes sure that the green house is fertilised ready for next years tomatoes.  It also means only one trip per day to collect eggs and check food and water.  There is a tap in the greenhouse so water is not a problem although it did freeze a couple of times last winter the tap is well lagged and kept running.
Well it is time I got going on a few chores before my energy runs out - I am trying to be sensible but there are still things which have to done come hell or high water.  The thing I feel most guilty about is the poor dogs who have been house bound with me.  Basso is the one suffering most as he is young and vigorous so I have been throwing his dummy a couple of times for him to retrieve which at least breaks the monotony for him and is not too taxing for me.
Have a good day all and Anne I hope you are not too sore from yesterdays run.  Joy I understand where you are coming from it is so nice to potter in the kitchen in early morning when the world is asleep.....
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