Sunday and very early

Posted by PicasaThere is good news and bad news this morning - lets start with the bad news
Don't rush out and buy your tickets for Crufts, Basso will not be going apparently he is ineligible because it is his breeder who is the judge this year.  Actually, I am relieved as it means that I can relax and not worry about all the preparation and Sandi won't need to buy a new pair of shoes!!! 
Now for some good news I actually remembered the camera and got a snap of the wild cyclamen but do you think it would let me upload it.  I have been all around the houses to get this far so I hope it will work.  What a pain when software malfunctions!!!  It could be due to the fact that I have just downloaded Internet explorer 9.  Anyway lets hope it is just a glitch that will right itself.  None of the editing tools appear to work.  The tiny flowers were difficult to spot as they are buried among the ivy at the foot of some bushes. 

I was so tired and grotty yesterday that after supper I went straight to bed and fell asleep by about 7pm which of course means I was awake by 1am which is rather too early even for me.  I am due to shoot a hundred bird clay shoot at 10 am but I think I may well be a bit off by then anyway one can only do ones best and hope for a bit of luck.

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