Sunday and the Richmond dog show

Basso in one of his filthier moments - any minute now I will start the preparations for the show with a good brushing and washing his beard all of which he hates and fights me all the way....
Yesterday, was a relatively quiet day I made some soup with some of the beans and am always staggered at how such a simple recipe can produce such a flavourful soup.  It is a very well known Italian soup of pasta e fagiolini and has only water, garlic, sage, olive oil, salt and pepper and a table spoon of pasata to give it some taste.  Anyway a large bowl full went down very well for lunch.  Dinner too was an interesting plate of food just mashed potatoes and shed loads of runner beans with some gravy.  An inadvertent vegetarian day!!!!
I'm glad to report that I managed to finish the crossword puzzle though it took me rather longer than I would have liked.  The poor old brain is not what it used to be and it takes ages for some words to re-emerge from the deeper recesses of my mind.

I had a patrol around the garden and cleaned out the chickens.  Their run is turning into a quagmire with all this rain but it doesn't seem to worry them and they were delighted with the extras from the kitchen.  I reset the traps for the mice and tried to make sure that the bait was firmly fixed to prevent theft.  I keep the majority of the feed in a large plastic bin with a secure lid but it only holds one sack of food so the extra sac is at risk from the mice.  I usually buy two 20 Kg sacs at a time which keeps me going for quite a while.  I have been picking blueberries each day and now have sufficient to make some muffins but that will have to wait until next week.  The rain has rather put pay to the raspberries which are looking rather sad and dishevelled.

With Anne in mind I watched some very nice bits of video footage on You Tube for making Italian bread which were narrated in Italian - good practice for language students!!!!Kill two birds with one stone learn Italian and cooking at the same time!!!!

I had a ring around the family to check on all the post operative patients and I am glad to say they are all doing well and recovering without any hiccups.  Jeff is talking of going shooting this next week so his knee must be much better though he is keen to stay on flat ground.  David is pottering in the garden and looking forward to having his stitches out on Monday.

Well I think I had better get a move on now I can't put off the evil hour any longer.  I think I will treat myself to breakfast this morning as who knows when or if we will get lunch.

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