Saturday morning

Three and a half pounds net weight of borlotti beans which have now been podded and cooked and are awaiting further attention before freezing.
Yesterdays outing for lunch was very successful and we had a nice meal however when we arrived we all felt a little under dressed as the pub was filled with the guests for a wedding all got up in their best finery and the men in morning suits with cream roses in their button holes.  Fortunately the pub was large and we were ushered into the back restaurant for our meal.  The portions were vast so the dogs did very well out of the left overs.  We all managed our starters but none of us could finish the main course and neither Mike nor I needed anything else to eat that day we were totally stuffed.  I had a grilled squid stater which came in a small frying pan for the accompanying sauce which was largely butter with chilli and coriander.  The three slabs of crusty bread were insufficient to soak up the sauce so you can imagine how much there was.  My main was a slow roasted belly of pork with sage mash and green beans garnished with beautifully crispy crackling.  Enough calories for several days I think - today the food  had better be frugal and light.  Perhaps some bean soup and a salad will suffice!!!
My chest infection which was on the mend has gradually been reasserting itself and I must admit to feeling pretty rough at the moment I think the course of antibiotics were insufficient or perhaps it is a penicillin resistant bug we are dealing with.  Anyway if I am not better by Monday I will have to make an appointment with the quack and get something a bit more broad spectrum. With this in mind I am going to have a very easy day today and brace myself to the dog show on Sunday.  I was due to go to a party this evening but I think I will have to ring and give my apologies and dip out of that one.  As it is Saturday I will go and get the Telegraph and then sit myself down to do the general knowledge crossword puzzle.  It is a prize crossword so it is quite taxing and keeps me out of mischief for a good couple of hours.  It is about the only exercise my brain gets and I am a firm believer in use it or loose it.  The hens could do with cleaning out but that is only a 5 minute job  and if the weather is kind Basso could use a good leg stretch before tomorrows performance.  Sandi is coming to our house early so that we can leave by 8.30 which makes for quite a long day.  There is one draw back to doing well in a dog show and that is that you have to stay on for further competition ending with best in show.  So there are distinct advantages to not doing too well at least you can go home after your bit.  It also give you some time for shopping and believe me there is plenty to buy - I think I will look at a pair of thinning scissors which seem to be the best thing for dealing with Basso's coat but I think they are very expensive.  One thing is for certain they are always cheaper at shows than in the shops....

Now on a completely different tack I am having trouble with mice in the shed and have put out traps for several days only to find that the bait has been eaten but the traps have not been sprung - so either I have very light weight mice or they are very clever.  Either way I am going to have to try and out wit them as they keep making holes in my sacks of chicken food which makes life very difficult as it spills all over the floor....Perhaps I need to borrow a hungry cat!!!!!!

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