Saturday morning

After the surgery

Yesterday you got the before picture of the tree and this is the after one.  It looks a bit odd but I'm sure it will be fine come next year.  There is one added bonus to having this done and that is that all the material that they cut off and took away is that much less for me to pick up when the leaves fall.  The work took about two hours and once it was done I gave up on the spring cleaning and took the dogs out for a nice walk.  On the return journey we stopped off at the butcher and bought some of his superior chipolatas and about 3lbs of pigs liver.  The liver has been made into a liver cake for the dogs which is now chopped up and in the freezer.  Then it was on to the fish monger where I bought some lovely mackerel fillets for lunch today and a piece of coley which I cooked with some brown rice for the dogs dinner.
While I was crawling around on my hands and knees cleaning the kick board in the kitchen I noticed that the floor really needs a good clean as the grout is looking pretty sad.  Today I will get down with a scrubbing brush and give it a proper birthday.  I still have a list of things that I would like to get cleaned and Mike has volunteered to give me a hand with some of the more taxing jobs which I am very pleased about as it will make the work so much less.  Yesterday he emptied out his two wine racks so that I could clean them and as he is expecting a delivery now is a good time as the stocks are low.  It seems to me that the more you clean the more dirt you see it is a self perpetuating type of job at least with cooking once it is done and eaten it is over until the next meal. I would like to get the dining room carpet shampooed before the winter sets in although perhaps that is not the best idea as it will only get filthy over the winter period.  Perhaps I should buy the dogs Wellington boots and then teach them to take them off when they come in!!!!!!
I am pleased to report that Jeff has had his knee operation and all went according to plan and he is back home.  David on the other hand is staying over night as he has had heart problems in the past and they are erring on the side of caution.  Hopefully he will be home today and Jackie has promised to phone me when he is back.
According to the weather forecast the good weather is set to last over the weekend but deteriorate at the beginning of next week so I had better get a wriggle on with my cleaning and washing.  Today I intend to do the mackerel fillets for lunch and a pork shoulder casserole for supper.  The pork will need to cook for some time so I think it would do best in the slow cooker where it can fester all day.  I also have an abundance of apples so I am going to cook them and make a dessert with a spoon full of the damson jam then a layer of stewed apple followed by a layer of custard which should be reasonable.  Desserts are not my strong point and making them gives me little pleasure.  
On that happy note I will go and make a start - have a good weekend and make the most of the lovely weather while it lasts......

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