Saturday morning and very chilly

This photo arrived in the E mail this morning from Louise.  What a sweet gesture, I am really going to need her help if we are to make it to Birmingham!!!!!
I was wondering what photo to post as I have nothing interesting.  Mike has a cold and my cough is back with a vengeance so we are a real pair of old crocks at the moment.  However, one bit of good news I have found a home for my old printer.  My brother in law, from Peterborough, would like it so Jeff is going to drop by today after his shooting competition and pick it up.  Then David can pick it up from him when he visits next week while we are on holiday.  I must admit I have never felt less like a holiday in my life!!!  Sue next door is going to look after the hens while we are away so I will need to make sure they are cleaned out and pristine before we leave.  I have tried to make sure that all their food and bedding is in sealed containers which I hope will help with the rat problem.  The tomatoes are all but finished so I will be moving the hens into the greenhouse for the winter soon after we return from Suffolk.  The runner beans, which looked so dreadful, are now beginning to produce lots of pods.  I think all the rain we had did them a power of good.  The raspberries are on their last legs and I am sad to say most of them fell on the floor unpicked.  The blueberries are still coming but they ripen in small hand fulls each day so you need to collect them for a while before there are enough to make a portion.  The catalogues are starting to arrive but there is so much choice I have to be careful how much I order - it is all so tempting!!!
I have quite a few vegetables to use up so for lunch today I fancy broccoli cheese - I don't see why it shouldn't work after all it is almost cauliflower.  Then for supper it will need to be something with savoy cabbage.  Perhaps bubble and squeak with sausages.
I will try to remember the camera when I go out with the dogs and hope to get a snap of the cyclamen to show you but my head is like a sieve at the moment so dont hold your breath......
Have a good day but wrap up its cold....

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