Saturday morning and down to single figures

It is cold we are down to 8 degrees for the first time this autumn but I believe it is just a glitch and it will get warmer through the week.  Antibiotics finished so only coffee this morning and my fingers are firmly crossed that the infection has been dealt a mortal blow.  I spent yesterday morning up and about by then took to my bed in the afternoon.  I am trying to be sensible and not over do it too soon but it is a difficult call to make.  Mike purchased some chickens so I will roast them today and then we can dine on them over the course of the week - both hot and cold - and the carcasses will make the longed for soup.  I peeled and chopped the vegetables yesterday so only the chicken and water to add.  I must admit to feeling pretty "feak and weable", so this morning I am going to spend some time soaking in the bath.  I always find that you feel so much better for a good wash.  Then clean sheets on the bed which is a midden and I think that will do - I am not going to plant the garlic which arrived yesterday that can wait until I am fully fit.  Now I have a confession to make I still haven't cleaned my gun from last weekends shoot, but that too might have to wait for tomorrow.
Elaine rang me last evening to see how I was doing and has promised to ring me this morning to check and see if I need any support.  Isn't that nice, she has offered to run me to the out of hours doctor if necessary.  Sandi also rang to check on me and informed me that having spoken to a guy who is something in the kennel club Basso would be able to compete in Crufts 2012 as he has qualified but is ineligible - frankly I can't think that far in advance I will be pleased to see Monday!!!!!

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