Monday morning

Basso gets the once over by the judge moments before he gave her his opinion !

Now here is a thing about dog showing that has absolutely floored me - when I took his bit of paper to buy his rosette.  Yes, I bet you thought it was awarded, no, you get to buy it, I was surprised that I was not asked for confirmation that we had won the place and discovered that I could buy any rosette I fancied so I could have bought him a first if I was that dishonest.  How crazy is that!!!  Anyway this is a chapter that is now behind us and as soon as we got home I took the new scissors I had bought and took off the majority of his beard which should make our lives a lot more pleasant.  The scissors cost me a fortune and are Japanese steel  and very sharp - this I know as I managed to cut my finger quite badly with them.  So basically the perfect end to a perfect day.

My cough is definitely on the mend so I will not be forced to visit the quack for more pills thank goodness.

My next door neighbour has been growing sweet corn and last evening delivered two beautiful cobs to my door - what a god send as we had nothing organised for supper.  Well I now understand why it is called sweet I have never tasted anything so good.  They were tender and sweeter than you can imagine with the addition of some butter it was absolute heaven....

Today it is my intention to take it easy and just potter about - I would like to take the dogs for a nice walk where they can get as dirty as they like and just enjoy being dogs but that depends on the weather.  At the moment it is pitch dark so I have no idea what is in store for us today.  I have some leeks that need using up so I think some leek and potato soup would make a nice lunch.  Then there are some mushrooms which are also reaching their sell by date so perhaps sausages egg and mushrooms for supper.  Not too taxing a menu but hopefully nice and tasty.  And on that happy note I will away to the kitchen and make a start on the soup......

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