Monday morning again

This is photo taken last Thursday by one of the people at the shooting club - the three dogs are Hamish, Frank and Basso with the lady that runs the shop.  Frank is a larbradoodle so you can see why people mistake Basso for one.
On the subject of shooting I went to a competition yesterday at the Kent county show ground.  I was not feeling too good but decided to go anyway.  However, there were so many people there that at 1pm I decided to give in and come home.  It would have take at least another hour and a half to complete the remaining 3 stands as the queues were so long.  Poor Mike and Basso were in the car and getting very bored after three and half hours of waiting.   As far as the shooting goes I was not unhappy with my performance as they were quite difficult clays.  Neither of us fancied any lunch as we had had a bacon roll when we arrived so I went off to bed and slept like the dead until 5pm.  For dinner we had some pate, made by the French guy, which Shiona had brought over - pigeon and black fig - sounds weird but it was very nice.  I was so shattered that I didn't even clean my gun which I think is a first so that will be a priority job for today.
I now need to get my mind back on track and start thinking about our holiday on Wednesday not that there is much to think about other than making sure the fridge is run down to minimum and its contents will last the week we are away.  We take the bare minimum with us as the van has all the essentials already in it.  It is invariably the dogs stuff that takes up most room.  As all three are coming this time there will be plenty.  I am still thinking whether to take my gun and go shooting at High Lodge but I think Mike is not very keen. It would mean keeping the gun broken in pieces as I don't have a secure cabinet to lock it in.  It is also a golden opportunity to get some training in with Basso as the hunting season will soon be upon us and Roger is very keen to get him out after some pheasants.
I don't have any real plans for today so I think I might just take it easy and potter with the ironing and washing.  Have a good day all I believe the weather is improving......
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