Monday morning

Look what has just arrived!!!! a beautiful flower arrangement from Len and Margaret to wish us speedy recovery.  What lovely friends, isn't that a kind and thoughtful gesture.
It is still pretty cool here and we have had a fair amount of rain overnight.  Yesterday was passed quietly pottering and keeping warm.  I decided to make some sage and onion stuffing to go with the second round of chicken.  There was rather too much so I added some minced chicken breast and thought it would make nice dumplings for the soup.  Wrong! they completely disintegrated so I took a stick blender to it and made cream of chicken soup which was delicious and just right for super with a couple of slices of toast.   I cleaned the chickens out during one of the lulls in the rain so that is a job done for another week.  Today I may attack the ironing even if I only get a few bits done it will keep the pile a manageable size and the steam from the iron will be good for the poor old chest.  Talking of which, I am pleased that the coughing is getting less and I am beginning to feel a bit better in myself though I am still far from fit.
Basso spent a little while in the garden yesterday hunting for his dummy which I had managed to hide from him.  It is interesting that when he cannot find it he looks back to me for direction and then follows the hand signals right and left to search further.  He must think I am a magnificent hunter as I always seem to know which direction the dummy is in.  It is good that he respects my judgement and trusts me to send him in the right direction.  While this doesn't exactly make up for a walk it does give him the opportunity to use his brain which he thoroughly enjoys.  The two terriers look on with complete disdain, if they were allowed to join in they would not only find the dummy but would then destroy it rather than retrieve it.  If I continue to take things easy I am hoping that by mid week I should be fit enough to take them for a short walk.
I have one other burning issue to deal with today I need to get my gun cleaned and put away it is still under the bed where I put it last Sunday after shooting when I felt too rotten to do anything else.  It is only a 5 minute job but I have to get all the equipment out then put away which makes it feel like a major job.  While I have it out I may take a few snaps for our insurance file, I have pictures of my previous gun but none to this one.
Well one thing is for certain I must start doing something as sitting here is not buying the baby a bonnet!!!!
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