Monday and the start of another week

According to the weather forecast we are supposed to be having high winds followed by rain but at the moment it is all quiet very still and dry so I guess the bad bad weather is on its way....  I managed to accomplish the few jobs I had in mind for the garden yesterday morning.  The toughs that are outside the kitchen window have had the tomato plants removed and are now filled with lots of bulbs for the spring.  I potted up the fuchsias and have installed them in the shed where I will have to remember to water them occasionally during the winter months.  After lunch instead of my usual siesta it was off up the road with Basso and a bag of brushes.  Once we had persuaded him on to the table he behaved extremely well considering that three people attacked him with assorted implements.  All the hair was plucked out of his ears with tweezers and the edges of the leathers were trimmed with thinning scissors as were his feet.  His coat was brushed and the dead hair removed and by the time we had finished we were ankle deep in dog hair but he did look very smart.  While it was obvious that he didn't enjoy the process he took it like a man Tak, my friend, was very impressed with his gentle tolerant behaviour.  I think he deserves a nice long walk today no matter what the weather.  Tomorrow he is due to go swimming with his mates as Sandi and I are taking him to some lakes.  I am hoping he might follow them into the water as he is not a keen swimmer.  Anyway it is a nice easy way to wash his coat through.

For dinner I had organised a rabbit pie from the freezer which we had with the left over cabbage and some runner beans from the garden.  Mike was not feeling the full ticket so the dogs had some extras from his left overs.  I had also made two batches of Joy's oat thins one with Parmesan and the other with chopped black olives.  They are very tasty and so easy to make, ideal for eating with cheese.  The next lot of visitors are going to be treated to these instead of crackers....

I had a long chat with David on the phone and was pleased that he is now back home recuperating from his surgery which was largely uneventful.  He was a little disappointed that they had failed to do the surgery via a key hole and had had to open him up so he now has an assortment of scars.  Anyway it is nice that we have all survived our brushes with the NHS with minimal problems.

I have been on duty over the weekend looking after next doors green house and fish so by the time I had cleared up the dinner things, put the hens to bed and done all the watering I was ready for bed and was fast asleep by 9pm.

Today I have no real plans other than to walk the dogs - I got some lamb chops out of the freezer last night to have with the broccoli that is languishing in the fridge.  Talking of which, as it is all but empty, now is a good time to give it a good clean.  It never ceases to amaze me how dirty the inside of the fridge gets - I never put dirty things in it so where does it come from?  Well the sun is just creeping over the trees so time I went and had my shower and got going.....
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