Friday and the end of another week

4am antibiotics and coffee!!! this should be the last day of antibiotics and with any luck I should start to see a more marked improvement.  Again I slept through most of yesterday I can only surmise that if I am able to sleep then I must need it.  I managed to get a couple of loads of washing done, thank heavens for washing machines, and now it is draped around the house drying. Last night I had an unbroken nights sleep for the first time in ages so that is an improvement.  Mike too seems to be coughing less so may be we are both on the upward slope.  It is quite difficult when you are both pole-axed as there is not one to look after anyone and we both have to struggle on as best we can.  Mike has been looking after the chickens for the last couple of days but I think I will be fit enough to take back that job today.
The dogs seem to realise that all is not well and have been very quiet for the last few days just milling around the house and accepting that walks are off the menu.  Basso has spent hours lying alongside my bed while I slept.
Neither Mike nor I have an appetite but we have been eating what we can find in the fridge.  Then there are always eggs to scramble.  All I seem to be interested in is carbohydrates so last night we had a take away curry I had rice, Bombay potatoes, and dall.  I watched Hugh Fernley last night and was salivating at the big pot of chicken broth now that I really do fancy.  The problem is whether I have the strength to make it.  I have all the ingredients except the chicken.  I do have a carcass in the freezer so that might do.
Well now you see I must be improving I am at least thinking of cooking for the first time this week.......

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