Friday and the end of another week

Yesterday with blue sky and sun shine I went to shoot a bit of skeet.  I have taken the photo from a piece of  film and tried to show the clay.  In the original photo it appears in the far top right of the picture You may just be able to see it in the clouds.  The clays leave the green tower at the base of the white triangle at approximately 70 mph so it is pretty fast and difficult to catch on camera.  Anyway, I was not shooting too badly given that I have not shot for a while. The bank in the background of the picture is all that separates the shooting from the river Thames and if the photo was a bit wider angle you would see the QE2 bridge on the right hand side.  On the way home we stopped at a truck stop and had a bacon and egg baguette which served as lunch then it was back home and time for an afternoon siesta once the gun had been cleaned and locked away.
The hare was on the menu for supper with some mashed potatoes and broccoli and I was very pleased with the results.  I suppose it could easily be mistaken for venison in both flavour and texture. The pate I made with the liver has been cooling over night and we may have a taste of that for supper tonight as we are out with friends for lunch today.
Currently it is raining and the forecast is for further rain and now I wish I had picked the borlotti beans last night.  They are ready as the plants have died back leaving just the lovely red pods.  If it eases up a bit I may get the chance to get them in this morning.  It is my intention to cook and freeze them rather than dry them but we will have to see exactly how many I have.  The tomatoes are almost finished and it will not be long before I move the hens into the green house for the winter.   In fact I would like to get them in there before we go on holiday so that it is easier for my next door neighbour to look after them as they do not need locking up at night.  It is just a case of making sure they have food and water and collecting the eggs so every other day is quite enough.

With all this rain the lawn has made a remarkable recovery but there are a few bald patches which I think may well need re-seeding but I will give it the winter to see if it is necessary, I can always seed in the spring.
As yet the onions and garlic haven't arrived and it is a bit early to plant the broad beans.  The celery and lettuce I planted some time ago seem to be doing nothing, but I do have aubergines on the oriental plants and they are almost ready to pick.  The mizuna has gone made and I have stacks of that for salad at the moment.

Well that's about it for this morning time I got on with a bit of ironing - where does it all come from?
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