The end of an eventful day

Basso announces his retirement from the show ring with a second in his class.  It was a long journey down to the other side of Guildford but fortunately the weather was kind in fact too kind it was boiling hot.  Basso was taken for a nice little walk first so that he could empty his tanks and was on a no breakfast regimen to keep him alert and empty.  However, he showed his complete disdain for the whole show nonsense by having a poo in the middle of the show ring during his run and then by peeing on the judges table just in case they hadn't got the message.  If my mind was not already made up he made it quite clear that mincing around for the entertainment of the crowd is really not his thing!!!  He insulted the sellers of dog treats by sniffing their offerings and then pointedly refusing them.  He was offered a jerky sausage by one hopeful stall holder to which he gave a cursory sniff then walked off with a disgusted look.  All in all it has been an interesting experience but I know when I am beaten - roll on the pheasant season then he can show his true calling and do what he does best that is being a hunting dog.
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