Wenesday morning

When you need a hug there is always one you can rely on!!!!!!!

You might think it a bit of  a problem to have a dog of this size jump up but he only ever does this when invited and only to me never to anyone else.

Yesterday was a day of culinary mishaps.  I made the gnocchi but they were too soft and while they didn't actually disintegrate they did spread about a bit. Then I had made some bread dough for pizza bases which was also too soft, and as I was completely unable to handle it I put it a bowl and left it.  Later, in the evening I decided to bake it off and if necessary feed it to the chickens.  As luck would have it, it has made a very passable loaf.  It just goes to show that if your heart is not in it cooking is difficult....

We took the dogs for a nice walk, the weather was lovely it was sunny cool and breezy - When we got back to the car there was a lady who was walking a yellow lab she was disabled and needed a crutch to walk with.  She asked us for directions back to the main car park which was some 5K away by the shortest route so in the end we gave her and her dog, Bouncer, a lift as they had both run out of energy.  She was deeply grateful and I did empathise as it is easy to walk out failing to realise that you have to retrace your steps back to the car.

For dinner I had some lovely fillet steak which was destined to make steak tartare and as it required no cooking it was the most successful thing I had made all day.  I must admit that as I feel a bit under the weather it is really nice to have James at home as he gives me a hand with all the chores like hanging out the washing and loading and unloading the dish washer.  The wonderful Jane is on holiday so the house is in a bit of tip but nothing that a good tidy and hoover won't cure.  I investigated the laundry idea but when I discovered that one set of bedding would cost me £15 I gave up the whole idea; at that price I think I will take in washing!!!

I am hoping that if the weather is kind we might get a mornings shooting in.  If I go with James there will be no pressure and I can concentrate on the closer clays as my eye is still not up to much.  However, the weather forecast is not good so it may get cancelled.  He has also volunteered to mow the grass which is looking like a hay field at the moment so perhaps that might be a better option.

Have a good day all and enjoy the good weather if you have any!!!!!!
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