Wednnesday and bin day

Yesterday was bit of a write off - I left for my appointment just before 9 and then had to wait an hour before being seen. This was due to a cock up in their organisation. However, I came away with a clean bill of health and a handful of letters for opticians and doctors respectively. Jane was almost finished when I got home: it was lovely to come back to a clean house. Mike then took the car and went and did a few errands and suddenly it was lunch time. He had bought some pasties from the baker so a hot lunch arrived in a paper bag. For some inexplicable reason I was totally shattered and took to my bed for a rest and slept like the dead until 4pm when I awoke feeling absolutely terrible. I staggered through making the supper and clearing up and it was not until about 9pm that I began to feel like a human being again, just in time to go back to bed!!!!
To day I am destined to go shooting if the weather is kind but the forecast is for rain - I am torn between wanting it to rain for the garden and wanting it dry for shooting. We have just had a minor shower but now it is dry again so I will dash out as soon as it is light and do the outdoor chores. Then I need to make my cake which got put on hold yesterday as I was not in the mood. I actually hate working with chocolate, the washing up is so mucky. I picked a punnet of blackberries in the garden and though I would make an apple and blackberry crumble to put in the freezer but we will have to see how I get on for time. My new oven is proving to be wonderful and I am gradually getting used to the controls which are fairly complicated. The one feature I love is the rapid heating button for the oven which brings the temperature up very quickly. It also goes ping when it has reached temperature so you know it is ready and then it keeps a record of how long the oven has been on which is also very useful for absent minded cooks.
On a positive note you will see from the photo that the wisteria that I thought I had lost has come back into leaf and is looking very healthy which goes to show that most things want to live if only you give them a chance. The other miracle is a tomato plant which had broken and was hanging by a thread - I bandaged its' stem with some duck tape and it is flourishing and producing fruit.


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